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Another blockbuster anime movie finds its way stateside and the Unboxing Life boys waste no time getting straight to it! The aptly named “Jujutsu Kaisen 0” crash lands into American theaters and the boys tackle it head on. They discuss everything from the plot-line, the new characters introduced, what the movie did well (and what it missed the mark on), the beautiful animation, and the implications the movie has on future seasons of “Jujutsu Kaisen”.

Track of the Episode: “WUSYANAME” (feat. Youngboy Never Broke Again & Ty Dolla $ign) by Tyler, the Creator

David brings his number one album of 2021, "Sometimes I Might Be Introvert" by Little Simz, to the boys for them to digest and review for your listening pleasure! They unpack every single track (including the interludes) and discuss prevalent lyrical themes, the lively production that went into the entire album, and the highs and lows of the project. They end the episode in the only way they know how, being absolute goof balls!

Track of the Episode: "Venom" by Little Simz

A brand new Batman has finally hit the streets of Gotham City and the Unboxing Life boys are the first on the scene to react and review the new Robert Pattinson-led film, "The Batman"! The guys reminisce on a great day that included seeing this film and then get into the meat and potatoes of the cinematic experience. They discuss everything from the brilliant musical score, what they felt the new Batman did right (and also what they felt could have been improved), the Riddler's & Penguin's performances, costume design choices, the new Batmobile, the cinematography, and much more! Make sure you have your utility belt ready for an eventful night on the town!

Track of the Episode: “Do The Astral Plane” by Flying Lotus

It’s finally here, more Demon Slayer! This time on Anime Box, the guys cover the highly anticipated second season of Demon Slayer, which directly follows the Mugen Train movie with the Entertainment District Arc. They give thoughts on the fireworks of the opening song & animation and how it stacks against the classic season 1 opening, highs and lows of the 11 episode season, and they discuss the future of the show as a whole.

Track of the Episode: “Instrumental” by Black Country, New Road


With Alex spending quality time with family and not present this episode, the rest of the cast carries on! They start out with recapping the biggest show in America with the Cincinnati Bengals and the LA Rams duking it out in Super Bowl LVI. They also react to the Super Bowl Halftime Show, featuring a ton of hip-hop legends. You may have heard of them, like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and even 50 Cent showed up! The guys discuss Sony buying Bungie for $3.6 billion, new releases in gaming (“Horizon Forbidden West”, “Elden Ring”, “Cyberpunk 2077” update) and movies (“Uncharted”, “Jurassic World Dominion”), and Trev gets a little fired up about a certain someone watching “No Way Home” without him. They also discuss whether or not Kanye West will indeed be releasing “Donda 2” next week, and Trev gives a brief review of the Dua Lipa & Killswitch Engage concerts from the prior weekend. A packed variety episode for y’all headtops!

Track of the Episode: "G.O.A.T." by Polyphia

Ready for the oddest of taxi rides? The guys tackle “Oddtaxi”, an anime from 2021 that has caused quite the commotion in the anime space as of late. They cover everything from the low key opening of the show that silently gives the answers to the questions that the show poses, the wide range of characters and their quirks, the overarching themes, and much more! Buckle that seat belt, buddy! It’s time for an audio adventure!

Track of the Episode: “Tezeta (Nostalgia)” by Mulatu Astatke

Another flawless variety box for y’all! The cast begins with a special announcement from David & Trev. The Game & Kanye West team up for a somewhat mid offering in “Eazy”, and the guys briefly react to the new song. Anime hype crescendos as Jujutsu Kaisen’s movie gets a Western release date, and the guys discuss the new Big Three of anime. Microsoft is set to acquire Activision Blizzard, undoubtedly becoming an even larger titan in the global gaming marketplace, which leads to discussion of other large companies (ahem, Amazon) slowly making brick & mortar shopping obsolete. They end the episode with talk of new games coming around the corner, including Dying Light 2, Horizon Forbidden West, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and much more!

Track of the Episode: "Latino Negro" by Madlib

The Weeknd absolutely STORMED into 2022 with “Dawn FM” and the guys disassemble each piece of the album to examine it further!

To most, Abel Tesfaye requires no introduction, so it created a unique dynamic to have three-fourths of the cast have this be their first album listening experience of The Weeknd. They discuss first impressions and how they listened to the album, certain highlights, low points, lyrical themes, and spend ample time discussing each track’s seemingly double meaning. They also show love to the brilliant interludes performed by Quincy Jones & Jim Carrey, and end the episode by reading the spoken word poem that acts as the album’s final curtain.

Track of the Episode: "Silk In The Strings" by Spiritbox

The boys cook up their top 10 albums of 2021 lists for your listening pleasure this episode! Following the template they set last year (Episode 26), the guys all take turns listing their favorite albums of the previous year from the 10th to the number 1 spot and the various reasons why they love them. David & Trev also take it a bit further and deliver their favorite tracks of the year at the very end, so if you’re a music nerd in any capacity, you’ll enjoy this one. Hopefully it prompts you to reflect on the music that 2021 brought us and to find your personal favorites from the bunch!

After a 3 month unplanned hiatus, the boys of the Unboxing Life Podcast have finally reunited! They cover why they went on break, their plans moving forward, Alex's newly founded foray into the world of YouTube gaming content creation, David & Trev's big life plans, COVID-19 talk, Demon Slayer, and the all-important SantaCon. Also, Trev brings an all new tradition to the table with his words of the day. A variety episode of epic proportions!

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